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Cooking Machine Electronic Control System

It is a machine that provides cooking with “Sous Vide” (vacuum cooking) method. The most important feature of this method is that the temperature of the cooking environment has an accuracy of +/- 0.1 degrees and the machine can maintain it.

Thanks to the high capacity heater it has, the machine can bring the temperature of the water in the container it is placed to the desired level very quickly and very balancedly with the ‘PID’ method. It has a stirring motor for even heat distribution, which is a requirement of the Sous Vide method.

There is a counter that can be adjusted both forwards and backwards to be used during cooking.

When it reaches the desired temperature and it is set, an audible warning can be given when the countdown timer is over.

The control system has 5 mechanical buttons, 8-digit light indicators in two groups of four and 6 information LEDs.

The machine gives 5 errors and 1 warning notification:

  • Water level error
  • Temperature sensor error
  • Heater thermal error
  • Heater current error
  • Mixer motor current error
  • Warning during heating or cooking, which occurs if the power supply is interrupted and when the appliance is switched on again (the remaining operation is continued)

Driving of the heater and the motor is provided with semiconductor elements on the electronic equipment and no mechanical drive elements are used.