Mertech Electronics bases the R&D Consultancy process on a flawless understanding with its innovative approaches in product design. At this point, quality and need-orientation is the basis of all products produced and developed. As Mertech Electronics, we act with a team that is aware of its responsibilities and knows what it is doing, we meticulously undertake research and development processes and open the door to a solution where we do not compromise on quality.

The Door to Perfection with R&D Consultancy: Mertech Electronics

Different expectations arise in the process when people allocate time for their various hobbies. Responding to these expectations requires knowledge, experience, investigative and innovative spirit and being technology-oriented. As Mertech Electronics, we aim to be one step ahead in every product with the ideal of finding the technology of tomorrow. In this context, we continue our R&D studies for products that will touch the lives of consumers. Moreover, as the ‘R&D Consultant’ of the brands requesting support in this regard, we do not neglect the solution-oriented approach.

While designing products that will be needed in daily life, in nature or at any point in life, we do not ignore the approaches that carry the Mertech Electronics brand to the top. Thanks to our pioneering approaches in R&D processes and our understanding that prioritizes consumers, we succeed in becoming one of the strongest brands in the industry. What are our goals in the products we provide ‘R&D Consultancy’ as Mertech Electronics?

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

While energy is one of the most important factors affecting human life, it is also an issue that human life affects. Use of energy carelessly and without thinking about efficiency will not only harm the environment but also have negative effects on human life. We demonstrate approaches to prevent waste of resources which puts humanity at risk with its direct and indirect effects, by using energy in the most efficient way. Moreover, in all the products we design, we do not aim to save the day, but to highlight solutions that can be used for a long time with the principle of sustainability.

As Mertech Electronics, we act with the idea that energy efficiency is the key to sustainability. We know that the R&D Consultancy service we offer within this framework will turn into a solution that will not only be consumer-based, but also beneficial for all humanity.

Solutions in Compliance with International Standards

As Mertech Electronics, we do not ignore meticulousness in research and development processes, our biggest goal is to bring solutions that will add value to humanity.

While doing this, we do not only display a solution-oriented approach. At the same time, we aim to bring compliance with international standards to the highest levels with understanding of our responsibilities!

We ensure that all products designed/developed in accordance with ISO, CE and many other accepted international standards show satisfactory characteristics. In this context, we prefer to make products that can be used comfortably not only in Turkey but also in any part of the world. As Mertech Electronics, we always put our signature on quality, useful and standards-compliant solutions.

Solutions Integrating Technology into Life

Although technology is an indispensable element in facilitating human life, it is much more possible to integrate technology into life due to R&D studies. Acting with this point of view, Mertech Electronics prefers to adopt a need-oriented solution with an approach that has not been used before. Thus, it offers remarkable solutions thanks to its usefulness in almost every area of ​​human life.

Mertech Electronics, which started every new day with its professionals who have an endless desire for research and development; carries out works that have made a name for itself in the fields of maritime, automotive and industry. In addition to our own projects, we do not neglect to provide quality solutions with R&D Consultancy services in line with the needs of brands.

If you aim to use technology for the benefit of humanity and want to undertake extraordinary works, your choice should be Mertech Electronics! With R&D Consultancy, you will feel that you are not alone in the development processes.