Octoopi Twin, a member of the Octoopi product family, is a new generation monitoring, management and reporting system developed in automotive standards, especially for commercial vehicles.
It has combined many features in a single product with features such as GSM, GPS, WIFI, CanBUS, RS232, Digital / Analog inputs, Digital power outputs, acceleration sensor, external memory card.

  • Short circuit protected power outlets
  • Digital inputs
  • Analog level indicator inputs
  • Battery Voltage Display
  • Internal Battery (Optional)
  • It also supports advanced software features such as program update via SD card.

It interprets FMS information to users and provides a wide range of data.
With the accumulated data, artificial intelligence algorithms can be run, and many malfunctions can be prevented before they occur. *

What is a Digital Twin?

The Digital Twin is defined as a virtual model of the behavior and results of a physical product or service in the real world. In simpler terms, a virtual model of a process, product or service is called a digital twin. A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical object, acting as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

The main problems encountered in commercial vehicles are:

  • Damages and disasters caused by using number ten oil and additives instead of conventional diesel fuel in vehicles
  • Problems of speeding and overtime for drivers
  • Inefficiency, high fuel consumption and rapid wear of vehicles
  • Losses caused by periodic maintenance and part replacements based on vehicle mileage or time, not actual needs.
  • The in-vehicle emergency call (E-Call) infrastructure is not in compliance with domestic regulations.


  • Instant detection of the use of number ten oil or additives in vehicles
  • Detection of over speed, sudden acceleration and long run times
  • Detection of vehicle wear times due to inefficiency and high fuel consumption
  • Optimization of periodic maintenance processes
  • Establishment of domestic E-Call infrastructure in compliance with regulations.*



Instant data collection from vehicles via CANBUS

Transporting data with a unique data transport protocol CANBUS ONLINE LOG TRANSFER PROTOCOL

Compressing and rolling up with conventional methods in the central server: OCTOOPI ROLL UP APPROACH

Storing enough data for interpretation

Examination of the archive to be created from the collected data

Hardware Data Acquisition Method

Ability to connect only to the allowed CANBUS line (not interfering with the vehicles' critical communication infrastructure)

Monitoring the data received from the vehicle CANBUS line in one direction

Collecting instant data from vehicles with FMS -in accordance with vehicle CAN privacy-

Software, Reporting and New Service Development

Vehicle Health

Driver Performance Score *

Consumption Reports

Periodic Maintenance Monitoring

Accident Recording System


Octoopi Twin provides the following benefits to the vehicle manufacturer, fleet operator and driver of commercial vehicles:

  • Vehicle-specific digital twin creation
  • Generating vehicle insights on the digital twin
  • Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance
  • Scoring and analysis of driving and driver performance
  • Keeping accident records (crash data record)
  • Operation of predefined emergency scenarios in case of possible malfunctions/accidents
  • Ability to work in automotive ambient conditions with AEC Q100-Q200 standards
  • Service alerts and sending news to 3rd party businesses
  • Ensuring V2V traffic efficiency and safety
  • Real-time transmission of data such as weather, road and traffic conditions to the center