Career at Mertech Electronics

Mertech Electronics, with its sustainable innovation capability and the new products developed in the automotive, maritime and industrial areas in Turkey, continues to progress in line with the objectives and offers a career opportunity you’ll find constantly improve yourself.

Mertech Electronics’ biggest capital is the intellectual capital of developing innovative products. In order to keep the innovation culture and environment alive and to improve continuously, all kinds of ideas are given importance and evaluated within the company.

Mertech Electronics has job opportunities for students (internships, part-time work), new graduates and experienced candidates. By making a general application, we recommend that you leave your CV or take a look at the “Open Positions” section below.

Prototype Support for Students

As Mertech Electronics, we want to help our students in school/university projects. For this reason, we provide electronic board (PCB), which is one of the most difficult and expensive processes for our students, free of charge. To do this, all you have to do is briefly give information about your school/university status, your project and share your PCB production files with us.

We will supply these PCBs for you as soon as possible and make them available to you. We are also happy to meet you in this process and support your career. You can send this information to our e-mail address, [email protected].

New Graduate Development Program

As Mertech Electronics, we offer this program in order to contribute to the career development of our new graduates or students who can graduate within a year. Generally, candidates who graduate from electronics, communication, computer, software, mechatronics engineering and similar departments are accepted as priority. Our interested candidates can leave their resume information from the General Application section on this page and write a comment in the note section on the form.

Open Positions

We do not currently have an open position. However, you can share your CV with us from the General Application section on this page for evaluation in positions to be opened later.

General Application